Velvet Underground

So Lou Reed... Doesn't he sound weird?
That's a funny story now. I was in Phoenix when I got this internet message from a website update saying that Lou Reed was coming to Chandler for a non-profit concert. He and a woman would perform together. Oh great! I'd totally love to go to a Lou Reed's concert!!! It was January I think. The concert was supposed to happen in April, 4th. That day I was supposed to go to Mexico, so I just gave it up (Mexico), you know Mexico is not an old rock lord folk that might soon die. Anyways, close to the date I checked and found out it wasn't Lou Reed from the Velvet Underground that was coming for the concert, but another man who I don't have a damn idea who he is. Shit, I was so excited but it was cool cause during those months I listened especially to Lou Reed and stuff just to get ready for the concert. Anyways... I should be mad right?

Let's talk a little bit more about the man, personally talking.
I've already said I think he sounds weird. He and his music. Many people say weird is good, what is also weird. But it doesn't matter. Facts matter. Facts are that children find it weird when sweet blondie banana hair young women are smoking cigarettes and wearing funny sunglasses in a camp of a rock n roll concert or a bar with purple-wined walls. Everybody thinks it's weird, even the guys that listen to this music and say they like it. They find it very weird. Only the blondie girls are into it... only they can figure out the non-punk velvet underground noted harmony.

Nico-nico and a brunette in 5th ave. NY singing in a elevator up and down. Kept on some satellite of love from the dirty blvd.

I wanna fly ee eye

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