Playing the Angel


There's this album of Depeche Mode's. It's really good you know. I think Depeche Mode's albuns are the best. This techno group know how to do it. Maybe it's a property of techno people. Well their albuns are really well done and evolved on music. Playing the Angel is for sure a great one. Here's the soundtrack of it:

1. A Pain That I'm Used To (Album Version)
2. John The Revelator (Album Version)
3. Suffer Well (Album Version)
4. The Sinner In Me (Album Version)
5. Precious (Album Version)
6. Macro (Album Version)
7. I Want It All (Album Version)
8. Nothing's Impossible (Album Version)
9. Introspectre (Album Version)
10. Damaged People (Album Version)
11. Lilian (Album Version)
12. The Darkest Star (Album Version)

You probably know (maybe not) the song Precious that became really popular among radio listeners in 2005. It sounds to me like a real 80's hit though it's quite fit to 2000's. I like the first one a lot too, A Pain That I'm Used To. I don't know if they need congratz for their work. I just think they know they are a good band and that's why they keep going from the 80's to the present time always bringing everything they got and they accumulated. They're modern and that means they're not attached to one single style like all the bands until the 80's. Music has become shit (90% of it) but the other 10% really made the grade to overcome the end of golden era of the 20's to 70's and spread art on the contemporary world (and space). They are few but they are abstract. Playing the Angel is just like that.

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