Nike sneackers

Isn't it funny those women wearing high heels and walking like clowns on wooden stick legs? I just can't contain the laghter. In today's world they're so present! I will never understand why they wear them, it's no good to be a clown on wooden stick when you can walk better and faster with nike sneackers. I got a pair in sophomore year in high school. I was going to be in the volleyball team so I got one with school colors (orange and blue). I was indeed lucky cuz they were the best shoes I ever wore. Man, I love them. They fit so perfectly it feels so confy =). You know I'm an ardous walker. I go on 5 hours walks restlessly. Independent on the shoes. But I feel much more restless with my nike orange and blue sneackers. I've hiked the grand canyon, played lots of tennis, ran after buses with them and they only help me very well. DO NOT walk with allstars unless you're fond of pain, man it hurts! Ride the bus, better.

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