Reaching high away

Hello hi there

I couldn't realize or I didn't feel it before... it was fear. Fear of the wonderful. At some point I started to go down just because it was spacefree, although it was gravity free. It's so huge and great and big.
It's the universe.
And about the distance. It is just I worldly gold issue.
I sort of believe the moments I lived once in the place I love are glued, attached, stuck to the "forever clock". A forever clock is like a time that passes, but it isn't gone, it's constant.

twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are. (yes, lots of laughs on being stars together)

I see it as a straight airy path of stardust cold as nytrogen.

I was trying to tell you but you told me the contrary. It's never wrong, life's like a chronicle and music is life.

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