Little Joe never once gave it away

everybody had to pay and pay

Went to the
You should have seen them go go go

... And always back to Lorraine.

You know there was this guy on a website who said Reed wrote that song about his mother.

Well cool mother walrus.

Oh yes, Lou Reed, winter, cold (the disease)... I couldn't feel any better.
And yes, I have seen him. I have seen him looking, almost staring at me. I couldn't tell it was him. Well, I'd never seen him before that's why. And yes that was one my favourite things in life.
Wanna know the other things?
When I was going into the pacific sea by a science boat listening to Stadium Arcadium and going so fast on that boat. And the dolphins. Oh baby, take a walk in the wild side. The dolphins were so amazing. And I was so close.

Later on I was watching the so far the most beautiful sunset of my life in San Diego's beach.
When I went to see Iggy Pop live super alive oh my god thank you for life I felt alright. And that will never go away.
The blue guitar vains of that Mars Volta concert will never go away as well. They are tattoo into my blood.

Sedona is one of my favorite places in the world. I mean it is magic. I'm not talking about mysticism whatsoever. Sedona is such a pure place with pure view and pure air and water. And those mountains are unique.

I have a cool picture of that which I can post later because right now I'm on bed recovering from a cold. But I know you like colds too. Something you got from kissing cute little kids can't be bad.

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